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Buyer Seeking a Manufacturing Company in King County, WA
Will Pay All Cash
  • Kyp's blunt pronouncement tore a veil from her heart, and for a moment the terror and fury and agony of Anakin's death filled her senses.
  • He hurled Gursk out the door and sprang after him, slamming and bolting the door behind him.

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  • Dear Business Owner:

    I represent investors who are actively seeking to acquire a solid, privately held company within the manufacturing industry in, or near King County Washington.

    We are not business brokers nor are you required to compensate us in any manner whatsoever.

    I am, prepared to pay a fair price for your firm as long as it is well run, with a solid group of employees.

    Our investors possess the background and financial strength to complete an all cash transaction in a timely manner.

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    When once this was made the law, every year showed improvement, while the convicts had useful and healthful occupation.

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  • Her father's face, when she looked, might have been carven in bleached wood; it looked dry and stiff, unnatural.

  • Full of impatient energy, Talea left her seat and stalked to the door, stood there leaning against the jamb and staring out at the river.
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  • I conduct all discussions and negotiations with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. My investors and I are prepared to move quickly and our goal is to complete a deal soon.


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    Kindest Regards,

    No longer active

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